About Us

About Us
Assalamu alaikum, welcome to Lady Muslimah! :)

Lady Muslimah is an honest, efficient, and friendly Muslimah online store based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Here you will find non-frumpy clothings that adhere to Islamic principles, with prices that won’t rip you off. You can also find other Islamic-related products, which we keep on adding, so please visit often :). We only feature the best quality products at the best prices, and we’ll give you the best service as well, insha Allah. We also make sure that our products are not made in sweatshops.

We want Lady Muslimah to be more than just a store and we encourage everyone to visit our blog and to join our Facebook page to share ideas and inspiration about hijabs, dressing modestly, or just life as a muslim/muslimah in general. We sincerely hope that you have a pleasant experience browsing and shopping at our website. Please enjoy your visit with us.

Deni Adha Akbari & Meliyanti Akbari
Founder & CEO
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1 comment:

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About Us

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